Back From Chicago

Back From Chicago
Brian Blows Windy City Style
Here's as good a place to begin as any. The Rolling Stones have always been my favorite band, I suppose I first became aware of them circa 1965. The Last Time, Satisfaction, Get Off Of My Cloud, Mothers Little Helper, 19th Nervous Breakdown and yes, not neglecting the bands stereotype busting classics such as Tell Me, As Tears Go By, Play With Fire, et. al. just blanketed the AM airwaves in the New York City area during that first rush of the British Invasion. And nothing cut through on a tinny tiny portable like the massive fuzz & stomp of a classic Stones 45. Sure, Dave Clark Five, Kinks & Yardbirds were always welcome additions to any playlist, but the snarling bad-assery of most any of the aforementioned Stones classics registered with these pre-pubescent ears like nothing else. There was no wavering or dilly-dallying in those days regarding the Stones, either you were, or weren't on board. As might be expected, Beatles fans hailed predominantly, and respectively, from the bryll-creamed and crinolined set, whereas we Stones fans were definitely aspirant teenage hoods and molls. Even if we were 4, 5 or more years away from actually being teenagers.

Of course a large measure of the bands impact during the era was visual, nobody else was even close in this regard.

This, in large measure, will be a primary focus of these postings. Namely, to present photos, and presumably music, from the sixties, and, as opportunity and/or necessity dictates, other era's, documenting the timeless cool, mysterious aura's & shattering impact that genuine Rock & Roll can impart.

As regards this stunning Stones photo, I'm guessing it has to be late 1964, back in the UK (or Europe?) from the first US tour. Note Brians jacket. I wouldn't doubt that he'd sport a leather jacket any time of year, but something about this pic suggests Autumn '64 to me. Where's the video for this performance? It's really quite distressing to think of how much of sixties television has been lost, though new discoveries seem to pop up daily. Newly discovered Stones footage has been somewhat scarce of late, though I certainly am guardedly optimistic that much more exists than currently circulates. Wouldn't this be a killer to see on You Tube, maybe they're miming to "Mona" ! Though I certainly wouldn't complain if it proved to be "Not Fade Away".

Well, this somewhat primitive posting will have to do for now, as I hopefully get the hang of this & find the time, more will surely follow. So if you dig the best of sixties (& surely some seventies) rock, garage, beat & ancillary mayhem stay tuned. I'll attempt to present images, observations, & whatever else comes to mind here at HIDEOUT66.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Keith Don't Go

Whew, that was a close one, almost lost our guy!

Here's the complete pic, I can hardly believe how cool they were circa 1964.

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